For as far as she can remember, Yokoka’s lived in the same old boring forest. It’s not that she’s lonely- she has a lot of siblings to play with- but she has dreams, a desire for adventure! What would happen, if she walked without stopping? How far could she go? What would she see?

Eyes filled with curiosity and excitement, she goes out into the unknown, a land filled with ferocious beasts and elemental magic, discovering things existing even beyond the limits of her imagination. What’s on the other side of the journey? We’ll just have to see when we get there!





Chris Hyacinth R. is a chronically ill French Canadian artist from Montreal, currently living in British Columbia. They write and draw the entirety of Yokoka’s Quest on their own, with many more projects in mind to follow. During fall 2014 they decided they wanted to get serious about their life-long passion of comics and sharing their stories, starting with retelling the first one they ever wrote during secondary school in 2004.

The entire comic is made using Clip Studio Paint Pro, and upgraded from an Intuos 4 tablet to a Cintiq 13HD during chapter 8.

You can reach them at!